Quotes I rented a DR rug machine, and it left streaks of dirt throughout area seeming that it was not cleaned from previous renter. I called Jimmy and he was able to come in that afternoon in between jobs and take care of the issue. Jimmy was professional and accommodating and the process was FAST! The carpet was saved and it looks great! Thanks Jimmy and my sister will be calling you soon for the sofas. Quotes
Joe S

Quotes Jimmy Magic really is magical! He was able to remove some really large stains from our new office space! It looks and smells so much better, he comes highly recommended from many realtors from our office! Quotes

Quotes Time and time again over the years, we have called on Jimmy Magics for carpet and upholstery cleaning, and most recently, to refinish our hardwood floors. We keep going back to him because in addition to doing great work at an eminently fair price, there are intangible factors that make him stand head and shoulders above other service firms. He is totally dependable, reliable and committed to making sure you are 100 percent satisfied with the end result. Highest recommendation! -- Sharon Bond, Park Ridge Quotes
S. Bond

Quotes I have had Jimmy's Magic clean my marble shower tile and most recently clean my basement carpet and fabric chairs (after a sewage leak). Jimmy always does a fantastic job and everything come out beautiful. I look forward to having Jimmy come out to polish my marble tile floors next. Quotes
Scott Bennett

Quotes I had Jimmy Magic resurface a very stained hardwood floor. He was courteous, professional, neat, and did a fantastic job. My floor looks great and the stains are gone! Very happy with the job that was done. Quotes
Cathy G

Quotes Jimmy Magic's Carpet Cleaning was more than I had expected! With 2 kids and a dog (150lbs) that pee's in our carpeted rooms the carpet's were a mess to say the least. We were debating on getting new carpet actually. I thought we would try a professional cleaning and the carpets look BRAND NEW and smell GREAT! I was in shock! Jimmy Magic will absolutely be cleaning again! Thanks again Jimmy! The most professional and pristine cleaning service around! Quotes

Quotes Jimmy does great work. I have him cleaning the carpet and the floors every six months. The work is truly impeccable and done timely. Always a great job. Quotes
Ella F.

Quotes Service 10-10 First off, they show up on TIME. The job was done in timely manner. I would def used them again and gladly pay even if the rate went up. Super friendly staff and left my place (carpet) smelling good. Really did the trick and took out alot of stains. Thanks again! Quotes
Paul Sauseda

Quotes Jimmy did an amazing job on our carpet! It was dirty and matted down and Jimmy brought it back to life. Super prompt and friendly. Highly recommend!! Quotes
Adrienne M

Quotes Jimmy was great. Punctual. Offered different solutions. Clean and very thorough. Highly recommend. Quotes
Therese M
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